Maintaining Mental Health like A Soldier & Hunter


The life of a soldier is based on discipline and sacrifice. He is trained to be a multitasker and often expert in multiple fields. Away from family and home, he is the watchdog of the nation and ever ready to perform any duty with which he may be entrusted even at the cost of his life.

A soldier is the pride of any nation and inspiration for everybody. He is famous for his high morals and standards of discipline, for his matchless valor and for being a great military genius. He is accustomed to the life of hardship and discipline.

To perform at an optimum level, health and fitness for soldiers are of utmost importance. Military service members know the saying “ physical fitness is the cornerstone of combat readiness” by heart. Physical exercises help soldiers, airmen, seamen and m mariners to stay in the best condition so that they are ready for any mission.

Exercising helps maintain good energy levels. Gymming, swimming, playing squash & tennis, running, biking are some of the physical activities. These improve the body’s cardiovascular capabilities and allows it to produce more energy.

Maintaining a high level of physical fitness helps soldiers perform to high standards throughout their career. Members who are physically fit can endure tough living conditions, hard work, and stressful situations more readily than those who are not.


Apart from the routine physical exercises, various other recreation activities are undertaken by soldiers to maintain mental and physical wellbeing. Camping, biking, trekking, mountaineering, and hiking are some of the activities. A group of soldiers can just backpack their things and bikes using SUV bike racks like these and drive towards happiness.

Camps can be set with tents housing 5-6 men. Days can be spent doing leisure activities such as making meals, doing laundry, cutting firewood and writing letters home. Soldiers also love to sing songs and tell stories around campfires.

Cycling helps spark metabolic and physiological changes in the body. After a ride, the body and hence its metabolism is revived. A very interesting program called the “ Soldier ride” is undertaken by the soldiers of the United States of America. It is a four-day cycling opportunity for wounded service members and veterans to use Cycling and camaraderie to overcome physical, mental and emotional wounds. The rides are exhilarating and a great way to help warriors gain confidence.

Trekking and hiking for a single day or multiple days involve taking long vigorous walks in the countryside for pleasure. It allows one to experience the changing altitudes to the landscape and nature.

To conclude a soldier is responsible for the various important tasks of a nation. Every personnel in the armed forces is on his/ her toes for national security. Hence it is important for them to be mentally and physically fit.

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Hunting 101: Tips For Your First Hunting Adventure

If you are a hunting enthusiast then you must know that preparing for such a sport shouldn’t be taken lightly. Every outdoor excursion will teach you something new and once you start going hunting you will know how to properly prepare for this adventure. However, you can always be one step ahead and learn about some basic necessities right here.

Pack Lightly

Here it is. The ultimate advice. Pack lightly! Whenever you are going somewhere you know you might end up spending hours walking or in this case, searching for the pray. Further in this article you will find a lot of things to be listed, but rule number one should always be in the back of your head.

Where To Store

Being outdoors while hunting means being a part of the wildlife somewhere far, far away from the civilisation. This is why everything from your clothes to your weapons should be chosen carefully. One should pick the attire depending on the period of the hunting season, so dress up in layers and think about the nights too. Additional tip: Pick the clothes with extra pockets so you can distribute all the supplies equally.

Paying a lot of money for a good backpack is actually money well spent. Choose a backpack where you can store all of your supplies while being rational about the size you can carry throughout your adventure.

The Worst Case Scenario

Always think about the worst case scenario when you go hunting! Pack your first AID kit with some sterile medical equipment for minor injuries such as adhesive bandages, disinfection solutions and gauzes. Pack all the medication you might need If you are under a certain therapy and all the other medications you might need such as pain killers, loperamide, antihistamine, iodine, etc. Some other items you might need with you are a lighter or matches, flashlight, pocket knife or even scissors.

Food And Water

Needless to say that you need to bring some water and food with you. If you are planning on spending some time in the wilderness then you have to be aware of the fact that you won’t be able to find a good water source or any food. As it was mentioned earlier, pack lightly but pack smart too!

Gadgets Are A Must

Last but not least, you will need some gadgets for you to be able to hunt. No one will forget their weapon, it goes without saying, but one extra advice for all the beginner hunters out there is to bring additional ammo. Some other gadgets you might need are binoculars, perhaps a spotting scope, a flashlight, headlamp, power bank for your phone and even some night vision goggles you can use after the sun sets.

Now that you know what you will be needing for your little hunting trip, go ahead and make your own list and make sure that you pack properly, because your life might depend on it.

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What is a good, cheap rifle that is USA-made, for target shootin’, duck hunting and possibly home defense?

Well, you can technically hunt duck with a rifle, if you want to do poorly. Rumor has it that during the testing of the Delisle carbine, generals who were inspecting it did shoot a duck in the neck from 300m. The joke was that he called it a terrible rifle, as he was aiming for the head. I’ve seen people shooting clays with an AR, so there’s no reason, with enough practice you could employ a single projectile against ducks. The problem is finding the duck on a distance worth using a rifle and the only way to effectively do this is to set up several game cameras, in the hunting area, which will tell you in real-time, where the ducks are.


For home defense, though, nothing can reasonably compare to a shotgun. A rifle, usually, will go in and out, sometimes not leaving a fatal wound at all. The criminal will still be on his feet in most cases. A shotgun loaded with large birdshot, or small buckshot should destroy a large portion of the perpetrator. It’s not likely he’d survive. There have been cases where criminals get shot in the head with a 12 gauge and cannot be identified, other than fingerprints.

A Mossberg 500 is one of the best home defense shotguns, I believe. If you’re not the type to yell at someone in your house illegally, the noise pumping a live shell into the chamber should get your point across. Mossbergs are a little louder than the Remingtons if pumped fast, but mine pumps easier than any 870 I’ve shot. I believe this is due to the fact that the Mossberg uses a lighter alloy receiver. The 500 is also more reliable, as the dual claw extractors grab both sides of the shell, and throw it harder than an 870 during a slow or short pump.

For a target rifle, a shotgun isn’t such a good choice, unless you’re shooting at objects instead of paper. A shotgun and some Fiocchi nickel plated buckshot is excellent for use against printers, laptops, hard drives, desktops, old furniture, rusty grills, foam deer, drywall, and many other things. I have an AR-15 that’s fairly accurate, and groups on a quarter at 100m, but I have a Savage 10FP that I can’t even shoot to it’s fullest potential. Dollar for dollar, a Savage 10FP in .223 or .308 is a more accurate platform than a Remington 700 or any of it’s variants. I use 68 grain Black Hills in the AR, and 69 Sierra Match Kings in the Savage.

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Can one hunt squirrels in the state of washington?

Fat Squirrel

I want to do a bit of amateur taxidermy to try my hand at it. I’d like to start with squirrels, but I don’t know if a license is required to hunt them, what the hunting season is, or whether it is even legal at all! I have the large gray squirrels in mind that infest urban areas. Can anyone provide me with some information? Help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Here’s some info from WDFW website.
Because legal status, trapping restrictions, and other information about squirrels change, contact your WDFW Regional Office for updates.

The Western gray squirrel is classified as a threatened species and cannot be hunted, trapped, or killed (WAC 232-12-007). The red squirrel, Douglas squirrel, and Northern flying squirrel are protected species and can be trapped or killed only in emergency situations when they are damaging crops or domestic animals (RCW 77.36.030). A special permit is required in such situations.

The Eastern gray squirrel and Eastern fox squirrel are unclassified and may be trapped or killed year-round and no permit is necessary. In such cases, no special trapping permit is necessary for the use of live traps. However, a special trapping permit is required for the use of all traps other than live traps (RCW 77.15.192, 77.15.194; WAC 232-12-142).

So basically you can kill the Eastern Grey and Eastern Fox squirrels, and no other breeds. Those are fairly common in cities, so finding them shouldn’t be a problem. If you prefer not to kill them you can use something like an outdoor speaker device to play sounds or screeches which chase them away. The thing with squirrels is they are small enough that a pellet rifle will kill them, so you don’t have to worry about shooting a .22 in the city. Hollow point pellets are best.

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Attaching Outdoor Speakers To Your Hunting Gear

Vacations help one unwind and rejuvenate. They make us feel fresh and energetic. A good vacation can be planned anywhere from white sand beaches, adventure parks to any place where we may enjoy camping. It is definitely hard to think of going around without a boom box. High-quality outdoor speakers are great for outdoors, designed to survive the harsh outdoor elements and yet deliver incredible sound.

There are plenty of options ranging from wireless bluetooth setups to speakers mounted up high to units that can blend flawlessly into the gardens.

Some of the best portable outdoor speakers are:

The Acoustic Research Hatteras- It combines quality audio and an attractive design for a good price. It has the convenience of wireless bluetooth functionality, a manageable 11 pound weight, sturdy construction, outdoor lighting, a pleasant patio look and is portable. This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.The artificer makes it of high quality. Also the neutral black casing and brushed steel look mean that it can blend in with the décor of any place. The sound quality of this speaker is exceptional, thanks to the 40 watts of power and dual 2 inch tweeters and 4 inch midranges.

Klipsch AWR-650 SM Outdoor Rock-Also known as “Hidden Speakers”. They blend into the environment and are designed to look like rocks. These usually have a granite or sandstone finish. They are weather and UV resistant and offer high quality wired sound without bulky mountain boxes. The sound quality is also spectacular.

Braven XXXL- They are large and portable speakers. They have a rechargeable battery, are tough and water resistant. It has the best bass performance of any portable speaker. It is an intriguing mix of sound quality, power and portability. It is loud enough to fill a large room or be heard over the splashing of a pool party.

Madison fielding Mini Planter Speakers- These speakers are embedded onto the underside of terra-cotta- coloured planters. They are a 6 inch marine style speaker that deliver full 360- degree sound. The pants are wide enough to accommodate a midsize garden plant. If one has an appreciation for embedding some secret sound within the garden, these plantars are a smart and practical solution.

UE Roll 2– It is the best portable waterproofspeaker. It is ultimate in portability and has the ability to survive a dip in the pool. It weighs just 10 ounces. Despite its petite size, it provides an impressive nine hours of battery life. It is waterproof with an IPX7 rating that is it can be submerged in a metre of water for up to 30 minutes.

Riva Turbo X- It is a powerful, high end wireless sound system. It has a trillium technology, which provides multidimensional surround sound that can play up to 100 dB. It connects wirelessly to the computer or mobile device via bluetooth for a no installation connection. It is a great companion for backyard barbeques and beaches.

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Drone case

Personal Drones doesn’t have to be registered with FAA anymore

Heads up: if you’re the new owner of a camera drone in the United States and you’re not planning to fly the drone commercially, you no longer have to register the drone with the FAA. That’s the decision handed down today by a federal court in Washington, D.C.

Recode reports that the lawsuit against the Federal Aviation Administration was just won by a model aircraft enthusiast named John Taylor, who filed his case against the FAA in January 2016.

“The FAA’s Registration Rule violates Section 336 of the FAA Modernization and Reform Act,” the decision reads. “We grant Taylor’s petition for review of the Registration Rule, and we vacate the Registration Rule to the extent it applies to model aircraft.”

The FAA originally announced its drone registration process in December 2015, saying that owners would soon be required to register any drone weighing between 0.55 pounds and 55 pounds. After paying a $5 fee and providing a name, address, and email, owners were issued a Certificate of Aircraft Registration/Proof of Ownership and an ID number to display on their drone.

The latest ruling, issued yesterday, states that this mandatory registration violates a law called the FAA Modernization and Reform Act that Congress passed in 2012, which prohibits the FAA from passing rules on the operation of model aircraft.

Over 820,000 have registered their drones since the FAA database was announced, recode reports, but now only commercial drone operators will need to add their name to the registry. If you’re a photographer planning to fly a camera drone for personal reasons, you’re now exempt.

While casual drone owners may cheer this latest development, the drone maker DJI isn’t as happy about the news.

“The FAA’s innovative approach to drone registration was very reasonable, and registration provides for accountability and education to drone pilots,” the company’s policy head, Brendan Schulman, tells Recode. “I expect the legal issue that impedes this program will be addressed by cooperative work between the industry and policymakers.”

With the boom in drones in recent years, the world of drones has become a “Wild Wild West” of sorts, as drones often make the news for causing trouble without any straightforward way of tracing the devices back to their owners. No word yet on whether the FAA is planning to appeal the latest decision or attempt new rules at reining in hobbyist drones again, as it is seen that most tourist, students, journalist, etc., are often carrying a drone in their rolling backpacks or rolling drone cases or in their work cases.


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Camping light

Outdoorsmen Around The World Rely on Camping Ovens

There are many types of camping ovens, from small lightweight and portable models that can easily be carried in a backpack, to the large family sized oven that can run on propane gas. There are even some older ovens used for camping that is made to sit on top of a campfire or hot coals. In the old days, many camping ovens ran on gasoline or kerosene and were very dangerous and prone to exploding causing serious injuries.

Modern camping ovens are very lightweight and can be operated on propane or natural gas as opposed to older Dutch ovens. What is a Dutch oven you ask? Well, in short, it is a wrought iron pot that most settlers and cowboys used to prepare food in the years gone by. These modern ovens are also safe in extreme conditions. Camping ovens make outdoor cooking so much easier by allowing you to cook food, heat water and even provide heat in cold and desolate locations where building a fire with wood would be next to impossible. Some hardcore hiking and camping enthusiasts consider these ovens as important as a snake bite kit because in some extreme camping situations the camp stove can be used for boiling water to make it safe to drink. As we all know water means life in most outdoor environments, and for most this justifies the purchase of a good quality stove for outdoor use. Other uses for camping ovens include providing light to help scare animals away; as a portable camping light source for reading or even marking a trail area or location, as well as the common uses for cooking.

Coleman is a popular manufacturer of camping ovens offering a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from easy to use portable stoves to large ovens to feed a large crew of campers. These ovens are also a must-have camping item for areas that do not allow campfires, making it possible to cook, light, and provide heat. Ovens are also a great idea for outings at the park, beach, or any place that you want to cook a simple meal or provide heat. There also many accessories you may want to include when bringing ovens, such as a windshield, or cooking rings for vegetables or heating finger foods. Other popular camping oven accessories are camping coffee pots, kettles, and grills. These items can turn basic camp cooking into a full outdoor kitchen!

One of the hardest things to pack in your sturdy rolling backpack is propane or natural gas cylinders to power your camping stove, but there are lightweight slim canisters measuring no more than a few inches in diameter that can be easily transported in a backpack making it possible to cook in any climate or condition. Camping ovens make cooking and general camping comfortable and enjoyable no matter how limited your backpack or space may be. Take a look at for some great backpacks to take on your camping trips.

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Scopes Redfield

Rifle Scopes Redfield

Is it worth getting a better scope for my 223?

I bought a Stevens (savage) rifle in 223 last year and it came with a Bushnell 3-9×40 scope. From the research ive done, that scope sells for $35-40.. I’ve got some birthday money that I can spend and was wondering if it would be worth my while looking into a new 3-9×40 scope in the $200 range, either a nikon buckmaster or a Redfield with the bullet drop compensator reticle. Will i notice any improvement in such a scope in terms of clarity and accuracy? i generally shoot targets and varmints from 100-300 yards. I don’t want to increase the magnification because i think 3-9 is pretty universal. any advice would be appreciated.. also, should I buy new rings or are the ones that are on there right now fine to use with a new scope?

Bushnell actually makes a pretty decent budget priced scope. While a scope such as the Nikon, Redfield, or a low end Leupold, will give you better optical performance. With a Stevens rifle (model 200 ?!) I don’t think you will necessarily benefit from the added expense. But you definitely should see an improvement over what you are shooting now. It all depends if the increase in performance is something you want to spend the money on.

If the rifle is a definite keeper, I would probably spend the money on better optics. If you plan on upgrading to a better rifle in the future I would probably keep the Bushnell on it.

For more info about huntings optics you can visit:

Redfield Revolution Scope

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Fishing Tackle Kit

Want to hear from anyone who has heard or used this work at home assembly?
Has anyone heard of the Gone Fishin N” Tackle Co?
Want to start producing for there Fly fishing tackle.
They are based in Texas, do not want to get scamed again!
Get paid per peice assembled? Pay $49 for start up kit.

Not I is correct they then sell your “inferior” product and you just worked for free. There are some legit online stuff out there you just have to hunt it down with research. I am making a good living at it. Have a great day!!

Silasa’s Tackle Bag! (Bonus) 2 Survival Fishing Kits!

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