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Is it worth getting a better scope for my 223?

I bought a Stevens (savage) rifle in 223 last year and it came with a Bushnell 3-9×40 scope. From the research ive done, that scope sells for $35-40.. I’ve got some birthday money that I can spend and was wondering if it would be worth my while looking into a new 3-9×40 scope in the $200 range, either a nikon buckmaster or a Redfield with the bullet drop compensator reticle. Will i notice any improvement in such a scope in terms of clarity and accuracy? i generally shoot targets and varmints from 100-300 yards. I don’t want to increase the magnification because i think 3-9 is pretty universal. any advice would be appreciated.. also, should I buy new rings or are the ones that are on there right now fine to use with a new scope?

Bushnell actually makes a pretty decent budget priced scope. While a scope such as the Nikon, Redfield, or a low end Leupold, will give you better optical performance. With a Stevens rifle (model 200 ?!) I don’t think you will necessarily benefit from the added expense. But you definitely should see an improvement over what you are shooting now. It all depends if the increase in performance is something you want to spend the money on.

If the rifle is a definite keeper, I would probably spend the money on better optics. If you plan on upgrading to a better rifle in the future I would probably keep the Bushnell on it.

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