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Outdoorsmen Around The World Rely on Camping Ovens

There are many types of camping ovens, from small lightweight and portable models that can easily be carried in a backpack, to the large family sized oven that can run on propane gas. There are even some older ovens used for camping that is made to sit on top of a campfire or hot coals. In the old days, many camping ovens ran on gasoline or kerosene and were very dangerous and prone to exploding causing serious injuries.

Modern camping ovens are very lightweight and can be operated on propane or natural gas as opposed to older Dutch ovens. What is a Dutch oven you ask? Well, in short, it is a wrought iron pot that most settlers and cowboys used to prepare food in the years gone by. These modern ovens are also safe in extreme conditions. Camping ovens make outdoor cooking so much easier by allowing you to cook food, heat water and even provide heat in cold and desolate locations where building a fire with wood would be next to impossible. Some hardcore hiking and camping enthusiasts consider these ovens as important as a snake bite kit because in some extreme camping situations the camp stove can be used for boiling water to make it safe to drink. As we all know water means life in most outdoor environments, and for most this justifies the purchase of a good quality stove for outdoor use. Other uses for camping ovens include providing light to help scare animals away; as a portable camping light source for reading or even marking a trail area or location, as well as the common uses for cooking.

Coleman is a popular manufacturer of camping ovens offering a variety of sizes and styles, ranging from easy to use portable stoves to large ovens to feed a large crew of campers. These ovens are also a must-have camping item for areas that do not allow campfires, making it possible to cook, light, and provide heat. Ovens are also a great idea for outings at the park, beach, or any place that you want to cook a simple meal or provide heat. There also many accessories you may want to include when bringing ovens, such as a windshield, or cooking rings for vegetables or heating finger foods. Other popular camping oven accessories are camping coffee pots, kettles, and grills. These items can turn basic camp cooking into a full outdoor kitchen!

One of the hardest things to pack in your sturdy rolling backpack is propane or natural gas cylinders to power your camping stove, but there are lightweight slim canisters measuring no more than a few inches in diameter that can be easily transported in a backpack making it possible to cook in any climate or condition. Camping ovens make cooking and general camping comfortable and enjoyable no matter how limited your backpack or space may be. Take a look at for some great backpacks to take on your camping trips.

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