Attaching Outdoor Speakers To Your Hunting Gear

Vacations help one unwind and rejuvenate. They make us feel fresh and energetic. A good vacation can be planned anywhere from white sand beaches, adventure parks to any place where we may enjoy camping. It is definitely hard to think of going around without a boom box. High-quality outdoor speakers are great for outdoors, designed to survive the harsh outdoor elements and yet deliver incredible sound.

There are plenty of options ranging from wireless bluetooth setups to speakers mounted up high to units that can blend flawlessly into the gardens.

Some of the best portable outdoor speakers are:

The Acoustic Research Hatteras- It combines quality audio and an attractive design for a good price. It has the convenience of wireless bluetooth functionality, a manageable 11 pound weight, sturdy construction, outdoor lighting, a pleasant patio look and is portable. This makes it ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.The artificer makes it of high quality. Also the neutral black casing and brushed steel look mean that it can blend in with the décor of any place. The sound quality of this speaker is exceptional, thanks to the 40 watts of power and dual 2 inch tweeters and 4 inch midranges.

Klipsch AWR-650 SM Outdoor Rock-Also known as “Hidden Speakers”. They blend into the environment and are designed to look like rocks. These usually have a granite or sandstone finish. They are weather and UV resistant and offer high quality wired sound without bulky mountain boxes. The sound quality is also spectacular.

Braven XXXL- They are large and portable speakers. They have a rechargeable battery, are tough and water resistant. It has the best bass performance of any portable speaker. It is an intriguing mix of sound quality, power and portability. It is loud enough to fill a large room or be heard over the splashing of a pool party.

Madison fielding Mini Planter Speakers- These speakers are embedded onto the underside of terra-cotta- coloured planters. They are a 6 inch marine style speaker that deliver full 360- degree sound. The pants are wide enough to accommodate a midsize garden plant. If one has an appreciation for embedding some secret sound within the garden, these plantars are a smart and practical solution.

UE Roll 2– It is the best portable waterproofspeaker. It is ultimate in portability and has the ability to survive a dip in the pool. It weighs just 10 ounces. Despite its petite size, it provides an impressive nine hours of battery life. It is waterproof with an IPX7 rating that is it can be submerged in a metre of water for up to 30 minutes.

Riva Turbo X- It is a powerful, high end wireless sound system. It has a trillium technology, which provides multidimensional surround sound that can play up to 100 dB. It connects wirelessly to the computer or mobile device via bluetooth for a no installation connection. It is a great companion for backyard barbeques and beaches.

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