Can one hunt squirrels in the state of washington?

Fat Squirrel

I want to do a bit of amateur taxidermy to try my hand at it. I’d like to start with squirrels, but I don’t know if a license is required to hunt them, what the hunting season is, or whether it is even legal at all! I have the large gray squirrels in mind that infest urban areas. Can anyone provide me with some information? Help would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Here’s some info from WDFW website.
Because legal status, trapping restrictions, and other information about squirrels change, contact your WDFW Regional Office for updates.

The Western gray squirrel is classified as a threatened species and cannot be hunted, trapped, or killed (WAC 232-12-007). The red squirrel, Douglas squirrel, and Northern flying squirrel are protected species and can be trapped or killed only in emergency situations when they are damaging crops or domestic animals (RCW 77.36.030). A special permit is required in such situations.

The Eastern gray squirrel and Eastern fox squirrel are unclassified and may be trapped or killed year-round and no permit is necessary. In such cases, no special trapping permit is necessary for the use of live traps. However, a special trapping permit is required for the use of all traps other than live traps (RCW 77.15.192, 77.15.194; WAC 232-12-142).

So basically you can kill the Eastern Grey and Eastern Fox squirrels, and no other breeds. Those are fairly common in cities, so finding them shouldn’t be a problem. If you prefer not to kill them you can use something like an outdoor speaker device to play sounds or screeches which chase them away. The thing with squirrels is they are small enough that a pellet rifle will kill them, so you don’t have to worry about shooting a .22 in the city. Hollow point pellets are best.

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